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5 year guarantee

British made

Life Comfort Flexi-Pod System

A Life Comfort electric adjustable bed uses proven technology to minimize night time "tossing and turning" ensuring you wake feeling energized and much better able to deal with life's ups and downs. Sleep patterns are improved and night time sleep discomfort is relieved.

Most other adjustable bed frames are made from wooden slats which provide the support for the mattress but due to the rigid nature of wood, this type of base limits the flexibility and support of the bed.

In addition, wooden bed frames are largely similar whether you have different comfort needs or not. However the Life Comfort Flexi-pod System overcomes that problem because each flexi-pod moves to support all the different contours of your body and moulds around you giving total support and comfort.

Flexi-pods are available in a variety of tensions from very soft to very firm and each pod is interchangeable enabling us to design each area of the bed to suit your particular needs.

You may want a soft area around your shoulders and a firm area to give maximum support to your lower back area. The choice is yours and our fully trained demonstrator will advise on the best layout of the flexi-pods specifically for you.

An additional benefit is that if your medical needs or comfort levels change in the future we can re-structure the flexi-pods to ensure you continue to have the support and comfort you need.

This means anyone who invests in a Life Comfort adjustable bed has a bed for life.

To appreciate the huge benefits and advantages of our Life Comfort Flexi-Pod System arrange a free home demonstration now.