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5 year guarantee

British made

The benefits of rise and recline chairs

Our rise and recline chairs are handmade from start to finish to your personal specification.

Before we make a chair we measure you to ensure a perfect fit. A bespoke chair will give optimal levels of comfort and support not available in standard off the peg furniture. The correct height width and depth ensures complete body support thus helping to ease the pain and discomfort from common ailments such as arthritis, rheumatism or just general aches and pains from growing older.

You also choose the style and fabric and from a range of options such as massage therapy and heat pads for even greater comfort. You also of course choose the level of firmness you need for both the seat and back cushions.

All our riser recliner chairs will have as standard the excellent tilt in space action which ensures full body support when reclining. As the back rest and seat and leg support all move in unison, your back is kept in contact with the back cushion thus ensuring maximum support all the time.

A high leg lift action is also standard which can help with fluid retention circulation and ultimately pain relief.

As well as providing superb comfort levels as recliner, perhaps the main advantage of a Life Comfort electric rise and recline chair is the ability to lift you to a standing position quietly and slowly at the touch of a button. If you find it more difficult or painful than you used to getting up out of a chair arrange a free no obligation home demonstration to see if you would benefit from a Life Comfort rise and recline chair.

All Life Comfort riser recliner chair designs are available as a static chair, recliner only and 2 seater and 3 seater sofa.

All our chairs are made using a substantial welded steel mainframe to ensure maximum strength and long term life, enabling you to enjoy your rise and recline chair for many years to come.

The use of extremely durable high rub test fabrics combined with careful hand crafted construction enable us to provide an industry leading 5 year unconditional guarantee.

All chairs are supplied with an emergency battery back-up system to ensure you are never left in reclining position in the event of a house power cut.

Made to measure height

Well supported legs helping with pain relief and comfort, stops pressure on legs leading to poor circulation.

Made to measure width

Comfortable size for customer, arms well supported, no chaffing of thighs leading to sores and poor circulation.

Made to measure depth

Back well supported allowing for pain relief and much greater comfort.

Options of seat firmness

Very comfortable, leading to long periods of pain free sitting. Helps with relaxation.

Choice of back types and firmness

Helping to support back properly leading to pain relief and relaxation.

Tilt in space recline action

Full support of body whilst reclining. Puts you into contour position for proven ideal relaxation and pain relief. Back kept in constant contact with back leading to pain relief. Able to take very comfortable naps during the day to help with wellbeing.


High Leg Lift action

Helping with circulation, swelling of legs and lowering of blood pressure for greater relaxation.


Optional 5 Zone massage system

Helps with circulation, helps with pain relief, helps with stress all leading to a great relaxation and a feeling of wellbeing.